There is no denying the fact that high levels of stress at work can reduce an employee’s engagement and make them less productive. Statistics show how employees who work under stress have higher levels of absenteeism than those who work in amicable environments.

Causes of Stress

One of the biggest causes of stress in the workplace is the lack of proper staffing. Most human resource developers are of the opinion that if a business leader wants to lower the stress in workplace, he or she must understand the real reasons behind the stress.

Yet another reason for a stressful environment is the pressure on employees to work after official working hours are over. This is called spilling over of workload and even the best of teams fail to manage the same within the allocated work hours which invariably leads to stress.

Consequences of Stress

These factors lead to employees taking more leaves than usual. It also leads to reduced efficiency that hampers business productivity. It is an interesting find how increasing levels of stress can lead to an alarming amount of hair fall in employees.

Stress and hair loss share a complex relationship and it has often been found that those who constantly apprehend losing hair could actually contribute to more hair loss. So it is basically a vicious trap that people find hard to come out of.

How to Handle Stressed Employees

The first thing that a business owner ought to do is employ more efficient people at work so that the head count is balanced. The second thing to do is manage workload within official working hours so that it does not spill over and disrupt work life balance.

The third thing to do is recommend employees to places like Hair Transplant Glasgow where they can revisit their days of a glorious mane and not worry about hair loss any longer.